About Fauxever Blooms

We specialise in luxury artificial flowers, U.K. grown dried flowers and our new addition to the company is our micro boutique which provides a range of sample, pre loved and new wedding dresses. 


Kerry is the company owner who oversees both the florist and boutique. She is the face behind all the bridal designs and can also be found ensuring you feel relaxed and at ease whilst at our boutique helping you to find your forever dress! 

Autrika is our bridal assistant who ensures all the dresses are looking their best both in the boutique and on social media. You can find her nestled amongst our rails or creating many tik toks! 


Megan is our bridal consultant assistant who works alongside Kerry . She can be found tending to the dresses and ensuring you and your guests have the most wonderful experience at your appointment. 




I have worked with many different faux and dried flowers over my three years of floristry practice. There is such a wide variety of faux and dried available to buy as they have become a more popular choice for brides. 

when Kerry opened Fauxever Blooms in 2019 she wanted to offer something different to other faux florists in the market. She knew she wanted quality and spent her time researching and testing flowers from both inside and outside the Uk. After a lot of testing and not being happy with the quality found , Kerry finally came across the suppliers we use today who produce exceptional quality flowers created to replicate fresh right down to the stem using top quality silks. 

Fauxever blooms provides top quality luxury faux flowers to brides and grooms  worldwide. Our flowers are extremely close to fresh as you can possibly find with artificial. When you choose fauxever blooms you can rest assured you are getting exceptional quality realistic flowers. 

We offer a bespoke service, tailored to your wedding and theme. We are available for bouquets, hoops, crowns, anklets, buttonholes, corsages, dog flower collars, centrepiece arrangements, garlands and top table arrangements. 


Our bridal micro boutique was founded in 2020 when we moved into our studio boutique. We knew directly in our local area of wantage there was a lack of bridal shops that cater to lower budgets with very little option for pre loved. We wanted to do something about this to fill the void that was in our market town. and so fauxever blooms & bridal was created. 

Our micro boutique is ever so quaint and cosy,  we provide a very informal service with a relaxed atmosphere. We hold 70-100 dresses at a time in sizes 6/8 to 22/24. All of our dresses are of exceptional quality and range mostly from £300 to £2000. We stock samples, pre loved and brand new with or without tags. 

We offer private appointments in our boutique which allows you 2 hours sole use in a relaxed setting almost like a home from home. Our main goal is to ensure you feel comfortable, not judged and free to roam the rails and try on the dresses to your hearts content with us on hand should you need any guidance and advise. 

to book an appointment at our micro boutique or to speak to us about flowers please use our contact us page .