Fauxever blooms Ltd has ceased trading. The floral side will soon have 2 new owners. All Fauxever blooms limited Brides with flowers due to get married from June onwards will be honoured under the new ownership. New contact details will be updated very soon.

All clients have been contacted via email regarding the collection of their gowns given to fauxever blooms & bridal (fauxever blooms limited) to sell on their behalf. Please check your emails as it will contain information for you to collect or arrange a courier for the return.

If you haven’t received the email please email me ASAP as all gowns need to be returned to their owner by Sunday 22nd if collecting as the boutique is no longer accessible after this date.


***Please note the new owners are not taking over fauxever blooms limited, they are taking over the flowers only.

Fauxever blooms limited remains ceased and no longer trading.***